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Belvoir Castle

Belvoir Castle (pronounced Beaver) is a stately home in Leicestershire, overlooking the Vale of Belvoir. A Norman castle originally stood on the high ground in this spot. It eventually passed into the hands of the Dukes of Rutland, and was rebuilt, its present fašade dating from the 19th century. The architect James Wyatt was chiefly responsible for this restructuring, and the result is a building which bears a superficial resemblance to a medieval castle, its central tower reminiscent of Windsor Castle.

The castle is open to the public, and contains the Regimental Museum of the 17th and 21st Lancers, as well as many works of art. The landscaped grounds are also popular with visitors. Several films and television programmes have used it as a location, notably the film of Little Lord Fauntleroy starring Alec Guinness.