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In Brythonic mythology, especially in Gaul (later Italy to Britain), Belenus ("the shining one") was a fertility god who looked after sheep and cattle. His wife was Belisama. In Ireland, he was known as Bile ("sacred tree"). He may be the same as Belatu-Cadros.

In Wales, Beli was the husband of Danu and father of the Dagda, Dian Cecht, Lir, Lugh, Gwydion, Govannnon, Arianrhod, Gilfaethwy and Amaethon.

He was worshipped on May 1 at Beltaine ("Fire of Bel"). Purifying fires were lit and cattle were forced to walk between them before being allowed to go to pasture.

Belenus was eventually worshipped by Celts in Aquitaine, Austria, Italy, Britain, Gaul, Ireland and Wales.

Alternative: Bel (Ireland), Bile, Beli (Briton & Wales), Belenos (Gaul)