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Beggar-My-Neighbour is a simple card game somewhat similar in nature to war. An ordinary Western pack of 52 cards is divided equally between two players, and the cards are held with the backs upwards. The first player lays down his top card face up, and the opponent plays his top card on it, and this goes on alternately as long as no court-card (A, K, Q, J) appears. If either player turns up a court-card, his opponent has to play four ordinary cards to an ace, three to a king, two to a queen, one to a jack, and when he has done so the other player takes all the cards on the table and places them under his pack. However, if another court-card turns up in the course of this playing to a court-card, the adversary has in turn to play to this, and as long as neither has played a full number of ordinary cards to any court-card the trick continues. The player who gets all the cards into his hand is the winner.

based on an article from 1911 Encyclopedia Britannica