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Beat Happening

Beat Happening was a 1980s indie rock and twee pop band, the most popular of International Pop Underground's roster of influential alternative rock stars. Based out of Olympia, Washington, Beat Happening began recording in 1983 (1983 in music) after several years of performing. While on a trip to Tokyo, the bandmembers recorded Three Tea Breakfast, an EP that established the band's reputation.

Beat Happening (1985 in music) was a critically acclaimed debut, as was Jamboree (1988 in music). By the release of Dreamy in 1991 in music, Beat Happening was one of the most popular bands in the indie rock community, leading to their pivotal role in the International Pop Underground Festival, which brought anti-corporate rock its earliest mainstream acceptance. In the 1990s, the members of Beat Happening have moved on to various related projects, though they claim to have not broken up and to have been continuing to rehearse together.