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BBCi is the brand name for the BBC's online and interactive TV services. It was introduced in November 2001.

Formerly BBC Online, the web based service of the BBC is reputedly one of the world's largest and most visited web sites (25th most visited according to Alexa in November 2003).

The websites include latest news, an extensive sports section, music, science, technology and entertainment pages, among other things. It also possible to see and hear many of the BBC's television and radio stations there.

As might be expected, the website has a decidedly British orientation, although the news and sport sections each give the reader a choice between UK and international versions.

In February 2001, BBCi incorporated Douglas Adams' previously independent H2G2 project into its group of web sites.

Unusually for a high traffic website, BBCi has extensive technical information available about its operation.

BBCi's interactive television services are broadcast on TV, on digital cable, digital satellite and digital terrestrial television. It includes an always available text and video based services, and enhanced television programmes, which offer extra information, video or quizzes.

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