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Bayview, Washington

Bayview (Known Offically as "Whidbey City") is the name most commonly given to the community sorrounding the intersection of Washington State Route 525, and Bayview Road. It is located on Whidbey Island in Washington State.

It is approximately 5 miles (8km) west of the village of Clinton, and 4 miles (6km) south of the City of Langley. Bayview has a Grocery Store, Casey's Red Apple, a hardware store, Sebo's Do-it Center, and a Ben Franklin Craft Store. One gas station, an Exxon sits by the highway. Bayview is also the home of the South Whidbey Seniors' Center, Island County Fire District #3, and Whidbey Telephone Company.

The people who live in the area refer to it as Bayview. However, they officially live in one of three towns, Freeland, Clinton, and Langley all have jurisdictions, and postal services around Bayview.

Bayview is not to be confused with Bay View, Washington located to the north in Skagit County, Washington.