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Battle of Mortimer's Cross

The Battle of Mortimer's Cross was fought February 2, 1461 near Wigmore, Herefordshire (between Hereford and Leominster, by the River Lugg). It was part of the Wars of the Roses.

With the death of the Duke of York at Wakefield the previous December, the Yorkists were led by his 18-year-old son Edward, Earl of March (later Edward IV of England). He sought to prevent Lancastrian forces from Wales, lead by Owen Tudor and his son Jasper from joining up with the main body of Lancastrian forces.

The Yorkists were victorious, Jasper Tudor fled, while Owen Tudor was captured and executed. The victory paved the way for Edward's crowning later in the year.

The battle is also remembered for the appearance of a complete sun dog in the sky before the battle. The use of the Sun as a Yorkist symbol probably stems from this.

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