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Battle of Lützen (1813)

Battle of Lützen
Date of battleMay 2, 1813
ConflictNapoleonic Empire Wars
Site of battleNear Lützen, southwest of Leipzig, Germany
Combatant 1France
CommandersNapoleon I of France
General Jacques Lauriston
Michel Ney
Nicolas Oudinot
Auguste Marmont
Strength120,000 troops, no cavalry
Combatant 2Prussia, Russia
CommandersPrince of Sayn-Wittgenstein-Ludwigsburg,
Gebhard von Blücher
Strength73,000 troops
ResultFrench repulsed the pursuing army
Casualties(1): 22,000
(2): 20,000
This Battle of Lützen happened as Napoleon's army was on the way home from its Russian disaster. On May 2, 1813, Wittgenstein attacked Napoleon's advanced column near Lützen to undo Napoleon's capture of Leipzig. After a day of heavy fighting, the combined Prussian and Russian force retreated, but without cavalry the French were unable to follow their defeated enemy.

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