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Battle of Latakia

The Battle of Latakia was a small but revolutionary naval battle of the Yom Kippur War, fought on October 7, 1973, between Israel and Syria. It was the first naval battle in the history to see missile combat and the use of electronic warfare deception.

At the outset of hostilities, the Israeli navy set out to destroy the naval capabilities of the Syrians, who were equipped with modern Soviet made equipment.

Fought off the Syrian port city of Latakia, the Israelis employed the tactic of letting the enemy fire missiles at maximum range, while using chaff and jamming techniques (ECM) to defend against them. Once the Syrians ran out of missiles, the Israelis closed in and fought at optimum missile range.

Several Syrian gunships were sunk, and the Syrian navy returned to port and did not fight again for the rest of the war.

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