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Battle of Kulikovo

The battle of Kulikovo was founght between the Tartars and Mongols (the Golden Horde), against the Russianss. The battle took place on September 8, 1380 at the Kulikovo field near the Don River and resulted in a Russian victory.

Combined Russian armies under the command of the prince of Moscow Dmitri Ivanovich (later called Dmitri Donskoi) faced much larger Tartar forces under the command of Mamai, the strong military leader of the Golden Horde, (who was not one of Chingiz Khan's family). His allies, prince Oleg of Ryazan (a rival prince) and King Yagailo from Litva were late to the battle. Old Russian Chronicle "Zadontshina" states of 150,000 Russsians and 300,000 Tatars, but the physical size of the Kulikovo Field does not allow such quantity of troops. Most probable would be 80,000 Russians and 125,000 Tatars.

After a whole day's battle the Russian forces were successful, although taking great casualties, in holding off the Tartar's attack. They launched a flanking counter strike and achieved victory over the Tartar forces. Mamai escaped to Crimea, and was assassinated by his enemies, leaving the horde under the command of Toktamysh. This victory was the beginning of the end of Mongol rule in Russia, which officially ended at the battle of Ugra.