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Battle of Fort Hindman

The Battle of Fort Hindman (January 9 - 11, 1863) was a battle of the American Civil War which took place near the mouth of the Arkansas River at Arkansas Post, Arkansas. For that reason, it is also known as the Battle of Arkansas Post.

The Confederate Army constructed an earthen fortification near Arkansas Post to protect the Arkansas River and as a base for disrupting shipping on the Mississippi River. The fort was named Fort Hindman in honor of General Thomas C. Hindman of Arkansas. The fortification was seized by a Federal amphibious force backed by ironclad warships.

The results of the battle were 6,547 total casualties and an end to Confederate interference with Union shipping. US forces suffered 1,047 casualties, while the Confederate forces suffered about 5,500 casualties.

Table of contents
1 Union Order of Battle
2 Confederate Order of Battle

Union Order of Battle

Army of the Mississippi: MG John A. McClerland

XII Corps: BG George W. Morgan
1st Division: BG Andrew J. Smith
2nd Division: BG Peter J. Osterhaus

XV Corps: MG William T. Sherman
1st Division: BG Frederick Steele
2nd Division: BG David Stuart

Naval Forces

17 steamers, ironclads, and riverboats.

Confederate Order of Battle

Fort Hindman Garrison: BG Thomas J. Churchill
1st Brigade: Col. Robert R. Garland
2nd Brigade: Col. James Deshler
3rd Brigade: Col. John W. Dunnington