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Battle of Chrysler's Farm

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The Battle of Chrysler's Farm was a battle of the War of 1812 on November 11, 1813.

Battle of Chrysler's Farm
ConflictWar of 1812
DateNovember, 1813
PlaceNear Montreal
ResultBritish victory
Canadian militia
United States
William Mulcaster,
Joseph Morrison
James Wilkinson
Richard Johnson
22 dead
148 wounded
102 killed
237 missing
American General James Wilkinson planned to attack Montreal, leaving with a fleet from Sackett’s Harbor on October 17. General Wade Hampton was supposed to accompany Wilkinson, but Hampton refused to be subordinate to Wilkinson and did not participate. The British under Captain William Mulcaster chased him, and by November 10 Wilkinson was forced to land near John Chrysler's farm, about 150 kilometers from Montreal. A British force under Colonel Joseph Morrison was waiting there for the fleet, although Morrison only had 800 men while Wilkinson had 8000.

On November 11, Wilkinson ordered a small group of his men to attack Morrison's right flank. While marching towards the British position, the Lower Canada militia and a group of natives attacked the Americans by surprise. The Americans were able to drive them off, but it allowed the British to find a better position and fire directly on the American troops.

Wilkinson ordered a second attack, on the left flank, but the British easily manoeuvred once again to fire on them directly. Wilkinson then ordered a cavalry charge, but this was also routed by the much more highly trained British army.

Although he only suffered about 300 casualties, Wilkinson's uncoordinated attack was a complete failure. He barely escaped by boat before the British counterattack reached him. On the 12th, he decided to abandon the attack on Montreal.