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Battle of Chateauguay

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The Battle of Chateauguay was a battle of the War of 1812 on October 25, 1813.

Battle of Chateauguay
ConflictWar of 1812
DateOctober 25, 1813
PlaceNear Chateauguay
ResultBritish victory
Britain, MohawksUnited States
Charles de SalaberryWade Hampton
About 20Unknown
In October of 1813, American Major-General Wade Hampton marched from Lake Champlain towards the Saint Lawrence River, in an attempt to unite with General James Wilkinson for an attack on Montreal. On October 25, Hampton came upon a roadblock near Spears’ Farm created by Canadian Voltigeurs under the command of Lieutenant-Colonel Charles de Salaberry. Salaberry had many informants among the farmers in the area, and had accurate information about Hampton's size and movements, while Hampton had very poor intelligence about Salaberry's force. Hampton actually believed Salaberry outnumbered him, although he had about 4000 troops, eight times as many as Salaberry.

While Hampton attempted to clear the roadblock, he sent Colonel Robert Purdy with 1500 troops to flank the Canadians in the forest along the road. Purdy was routed by Salaberry and a small force of Mohawks, who pushed them back towards the Chateauguay River. Meanwhile, after Hampton cleared the road, his troops fired on the supposed Canadian positions in the forest. Salaberry had spread his troops out over a wide area, and used bugles and Mohawk war cries to suggest that his force was as large as Hampton believed it to be. As a result, very few Canadians were killed, and Hampton withdrew when Purdy returned in defeat from his raid.