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Battle of Chapultepec

The Battle of Chapultepec took place in September of 1847 during the Mexican-American War, at Chapultepec on the outskirts of Mexico City.

The United States Army began an artillery barrage against Chapultepec at dawn on September 12. It was halted at dark and resumed at first light on September 13. At 8 am the bombardment was halted and Winfield Scott ordered Chapultepec charged. There was great loss of life on both sides in the battle, and eventually Mexican General Nicolás Bravo was forced to withdraw and the US forces succeding in taking the hill. By September 15 the U.S. forces were in control of Mexico City.

During the battle a small group of young Mexican military cadets refused to fall back when General Bravo finally ordered retreat, and fought to the death against superior United States forces. They are eulogized in Mexican history as the Niños Héroes, the "Boy Heroes" or Heroic Cadets.