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The coastal city of Batroun is located in North of Lebanon. It's one of the oldest cities of the world. The origin of the name, Batroun derives from Botrus or Botrys. According to historians, Batroun was founded by the Phoenicians on the coast some miles North of Gebal (Byblus) on the southern side of the bold promontory called in classic times Theoprosopon. It is said to have been founded by Ithobal (Ethbaal), king of Tyre, whose daughter married Ahab (Josephus, Ant, VIII, xiii, 2). Another archaeological site and a crusade ruin at Batroun is the castle of Mousaylaha which is constructed on an isolated massive rock with steep sides protruding in the middle of a plain surrounded by mountains. It is believed that the castle dates back to the middle ages.