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Bashkortostan, usually known in Russian as "Bashkiria" (Башкирия), is a sovereign republic in the geographical centre of the Russian Federation, and contains part of the southern Urals and the adjacent plains. It has an area of 143,600 square kilometers and a population of around 4 million.

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2 Demographics
3 Economy


Bashkiria contains 20 towns and cities, the largest of which is its capital, Ufa (founded 1574, population 1.1 million). More than one half of Bashkiria's industry is based in Ufa. Other major towns within the republic are Sterlitamak, Salavat, Neftekamsk, and Oktyabrski.


About a hundred nationalities inhabit Bashkiria, including Bashkirs, Russians, Tatars, Chuvash, Mari, Ukrainians, and Germans.


Bashkiria is rich in oil reserves, and was one of the principle centres of oil extraction in the USSR. Being rich in natural resources and manufacturing capability, it is one of the more promising Russian republics in terms of economic potential.

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