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Bartholomaeus Nigrinus

Knowns as Bartholomaeus Nigrinus , Bartholomaeus Schwartz (1595 - 1646) was pastor of the St. Peter and Paul church in the Hanseatic League city state Danzig. The famous poet Martin Opitz, a friend, lodged at pastor Nigrinus' place , while visiting Danzig. Both Opitz and Nigrinus sent recommendation letters along with a Robert Fludd. Fludd was connected to the Rosicrucian movement and the Danzig edition of the Rosicrucian Manifestos was printed by the Danzig printer Andreas Huenefeld(t) (Hunsfeldus) (1609 - 1652). Comenius of Bohemia and the pastor Nigrinus had worked in nearby Elbing on a Bohemia pansophie. After the poet Opitz died, pastor Negrinus with two associates edited the Opitz poems for publishing by Huenefeld.