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In music, a baritone is a male singer whose vocal range falls somewhere between that of a bass and a tenor. A typical baritone's range will extend from around the A a tenth below middle C to the F above middle C. Many singers in popular music have been baritones, such as Frank Sinatra and Bing Crosby.

The term bass-baritone is sometimes used to mean a singer who has a range just slightly higher than that of a bass.

The word "baritone" is often applied to instruments to indicate their range in relation to other instruments of the same group. For instance the baritone saxophone. There is also a brass instrument called the baritone horn; it is unreleated to the French horn.

Some famous baritone singers include Thomas Allen, Pierre Bernac, Dietrich Fischer Dieskau, Robert Goulet, Thomas Hampson, John Shirley Quirk (perhaps bass-baritone), Gérard Souzay.

See also soprano, alto, tenor, bass, timbre\n