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Barbara Boxer

Barbara Boxer (born November 11, 1940) is a liberal member of the Democratic Party who has been a United States Senator representing California since 1993. Throughout her political career Boxer has been a vocal advocate for environmental issues and women's rights. For these reasons and her liberal stance, she is often a political target of conservative groups.

Born Barbara Levy in Brooklyn, New York, she graduated from Brooklyn College in 1962 with a degree in economics and then worked as a journalist and a stockbroker.

Before joining the Senate she served six years on the Marin County, California Board of Supervisors, which included a term as the first woman president of the board. She then was elected to the United States House of Representatives and served there for 10 years.

Boxer and her husband Stewart Boxer have two children, one of whom married Hugh Rodham, brother of United States Senator Hillary Clinton, who represents the state of New York.

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