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Balthild or Bathilde (Anglo-Saxon meaning "bold battle") (c. 627 - January 30, 680), queen of Neustria and Burgundy, was born in Anglia, but was sold into slavery in the French royal court. She may originally have been related to Ricbehrt, the last pagan king of East Anglia.

She was a member of the household of king Clovis II's chief administrator, Echinoald, who intended her to be his wife. Under these conditions of slavery, she came into contact with, and eventually married, king Clovis II. She bore him three sons who all became king after his death: Chlotar, Childeric and Theuderic.

When Clovis died in 655, she took over as regent until Chlotar came of age in 664 and thereafter was forced into a convent for the remainder of her life. During her reign, mindful of her own slavery, she managed to outlaw the practice in France. She was later canonised as a saint by Pope Nicholas I.