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Balham, London

Balham is a place in London, England in the London Borough of Wandsworth.

Balham is a inner London suburb possessing many well built Victorian terraced houses now highly valued as family homes. It is situated between three south London Commons, Clapham common to the north, Streatham common to the east and Wandsworth common to the west. These give it a green feel and a distinct boundary that makes it stand out as a district in the area. It possesses a railway to tube interchange connecting it easily and quickly to both the City of London and the West End. All this has combined to make it a popular location and property prices have soared as middle class professionals have moved in displacing the more working class feel the district had up until the 1970s

Balham is famous for

Bal - ham, the Gateway to the South - This is a line in a comical sketch by the Goons and should be spoken with a broad American accent.

Prostitution - The Bedford Hill area of Balham was associated with street prostitution throughout the seventies and eighties. Despite attempts by the local authority , police and residents to clean up the area the association remains.

The Charles Bravo Murder - In 1876 a local resident and lawyer Charles Bravo was poisoned, possibly by his wife, and a web of lies and deceit uncovered which is still notorious and unresolved.

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