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Baldwin V of Jerusalem

Baldwin V (1177-1186) was the son of Sibylla of Jerusalem and her first husband, William of Montferrat. He was the nominal king of Jerusalem from 1183 to 1186, under the regency of Raymond III of Tripoli. During his reign, Saladin continued to advance into the kingdom, which had been weakened during the reign of the leprous Baldwin IV. Sibylla and her second husband Guy of Lusignan allied with Raynald of Chatillon against Raymond III during Baldwin V's reign, when Baldwin died as a child in 1186 Sibylla became queen with Guy as her consort. Guy, however, had all the real power, and soon faced the final invasion by Saladin that would result in the capture of Jerusalem. and by dissensions between the government and Guy of Lusignan.

Preceded by:
Baldwin IV
Kingdom of Jerusalem Followed by:
Guy of Lusignan