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Balducci levitation

The Balducci levitation is a simple magic trick, credited to Ed Balducci. It produces the illusion of a person briefly levitating a few inches above the ground for a short period of time.

Warning: Wikipedia contains spoilers

The trick is dependent on restricting the audience's point-of-view and being aware of the body's angle with respect to the viewer(s). The illusionist is simply standing on the tip-toe of the foot furthest from the audience; that foot is concealed from view of the audience by the foot nearest to the audience and by the illusionist's clothing.

It is a tricky illusion to perform because of the physical strength required and the precision in orientation. Obviously, it cannot be performed in front of a large, spread-out crowd, or sustained for any real length of time.

David Blaine performs this trick; on television his act is intercut with shots of him suspended by wires taken at a different time so he can be shown with both feet above the ground in certain shots.