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Bahamut Lagoon

Bahamut Lagooon is an unofficially translated Japan-only strategy role-playing game from Squaresoft, now Square Enix released for the Super Famicom in 1996. It was directed by former Square Enix employee Kazushige Nojima. It was fan-translated from Japanese to English by DeJap Translations in 2002. It is similar to Final Fantasy Tactics, Front Mission, and Fire Emblem, except that it uses dragon units as in Drakengard. The fan translation looks professional and well done, due to the variable width capabilities of the ZSNES emulator. Variable width font was used in most of the translation.

Bahamut Lagoon puts the player in the shoes of Byuu and his party, who are Bikkebakke, Rush, and Truce, and other parties, each represented by a dragon. The dragon representing his party is called Salamando. In Bahamut Lagoon, dragons are known to eat anything, such as weapons, armors, and books.

The story takes place in the sky world called Orelus. It begins at the prologue, the downfall of the kingdom of Kahna. The Kingdom of Kahna gets conquered by Granbelos Empire, headed by Emperor Sauzer. After the prologue, a horrible war begins. After that horrible war, Chapter 1 begins, with the rebel alliance called The Resistance, headed by Byuu and backed by Matelite, being shaped up. Their flagship is called the Farnheit. If the Resistance fails to win that war, the Grandbelos Empire will oppress Orelus.