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Azeri language

Azeri is the official language of Azerbaijan and a minority language in Iran (Northwestern provinces). There are approximately 7 million native speakers of Azeri. The language is closely related to Turkish.

It may be worth noting that some sources like Mosahab Persian Dictionary consider the languagues Azeri and Azerbaijani to be different languages, the former being an older language only spoken by few rural communities in Iran's Azerbaijan, and the later the modern language.


Based on information at, Azeri phonology appears to be:


bilabial dental alveolar velar uvular glottal
stops voiceless p t   k q  
voiced b d   g    
affricates voiceless     tS      
voiced     dZ      
fricatives voiceless f s S x   h
voiced v z Z G    
nasals m n        
lateral   l        
rhotic   r        


front central back
unrounded rounded unrounded rounded unrounded rounded
high i y   M u
mid e 9     o
low {   a  

(The above uses the SAMPA coding scheme.)

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