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Austro-Bavarian is an Upper Germanic language or dialect spoken in Southern Bavaria, the major part of Austria (outside of Vorarlberg, where an Alemannic dialect is spoken), and South Tyrol (politically a part of Italy). Like Standard German, Austro-Bavarian is a High German language, but they are not the same. However, Austro-Bavarian and Standard German have influenced each other and the vast majority of Austro-Bavarian speakers speak Standard German as well.

Austro-Bavarian is also used to refer to the dialect group which includes the Austro-Bavarian dialect discussed here, as well as the Cimbrian, Hutterite German, and Mócheno dialects of German.

There are three main dialect groups in Austro-Bavarian:

Although there exist grammars, vocabularies, and a translation of the Bible, there is no common standard for how to write the language. Although Austro-Bavarian as a spoken language is in daily use in its region, Standard German is preferred in the mass media.

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