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Austrian euro coins

The euro (EUR or ) is the common currency for most European nations within the European Union, including Austria. The euro coins have two different sides; one common, European side showing the value of the coin and one national side featuring a design chosen by the EU member state where the coin was minted. Each member state has one or more designs unique to that country.

For images of the common side and a detailed description of the coins, see Euro coins.

Austrian euro coins have a unique design for every single coin, with a common theme for each of the three series of coins. The minor coins feature Austrian flowers, the middle coins examples of architecture from Austria's capital, Vienna, and the two major coins famous Austrians. All designs are by the hand of Josef Kaiser and also include the 12 stars of the EU and the year of imprint.

Depiction of Austrian euro coinage | Obverse side
€ 0.01 € 0.02 € 0.05
The gentian, a flower of
the Austrian Alps
The edelweiss, a flower of
the Austrian Alps
The primrose, a flower of
the Austrian Alps
€ 0.10
€ 0.20
€ 0.50
St. Stephen's Cathedral,
Viennese Gothic architecture
The Belvedere Palace, an
example of the Baroque
The Secession Building, an
example of art nouveau
€ 1.00
€ 2.00
€ 2 Coin Edge
The edge lettering features
the combination "2 EURO"
four times alternated with
*** for a total of 12 stars
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart,
famous Austrian composer
Bertha von Suttner, the
Austrian radical pacifist and
Nobel Peace Prize winner

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