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Australian Mist cat

The Australian Mist (formerly known as the Spotted Mist) is a breed of cat. This breed was developed in Australia in the mid 1980s, hence its name. The breed were developed by crossing Burmese cats, Abyssinian cats, and domestic shorthair cats to create a shorthaired cat with a spotted coat. The name was changed from 'spotted mist' to 'Australian mist' in 1997 when cats with attractively marbled coats rather than spots were accepted as part of the breed.

Australian Mists are medium-sized shorthaired cats, with a round head and large, expressive eyes. The coat has a delicate "misty" background. The legs and tail are ringed or barred, and the face and neck also have delicate lines of color. Australian Mist cats come in six colors: brown, blue, chocolate, lilac, gold and peach.

As a new breed, the majority of Australian Mist catteries are in Australia, however the cats have also been introduced to America and several other countries.