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Australian Inter Dominion Harness Racing Championship

The Interdominions is a harness racing competition held between horses from Australia and New Zealand. The series has been contested since 1936 and alternates between Australia and New Zealand. Prize money and all relevant conditions under which the Championships are to be held shall be approved by the Council

Date And Time Of Rotating Championships

The rotation of the Championships is fixed annually at a meeting of the Council. It is fixed five years in advance. It is held in New Zealand once in each four years. The Championships are held once in each racing year at a time and venue approved by the Council by the completion of the Championships in the preceding year. The Grand Circuit race is not held at the same time as the Championships.


A horse shall not start in a race outside the Championships except in a race held after the completion of all qualifying races. The Controlling Body of the State or New Zealand in which the Championships are to be conducted or the Council may request a veterinary surgeon to inspect and provide a report on any horse scratched after final acceptances are declared.


A perpetual trophy is competed for. The conducting Club of the State or New Zealand in which the winning owner resides holds the trophy for a period until three months before the start of the next Inter Dominion Championship. The winner of the Inter Dominion Championship is presented with a trophy of excellent quality and design.