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In Latvian mythology, Auseklis ("dawn") was the Latvian goddess of associated with Venus, called Lielais Auseklis ("great Auseklis"). She was associated with both Meness and Saule, the moon and the sun.

With Dieva deli, Meness and others, he was one of Saules' suitors.

In many stories, Auseklis disappears and is found by Meness. In general, Auseklis is then portrayed as a young girl who symbolically enters the underworld and is reborn and reunited with her mother. This makes Auseklis a life-death-rebirth deity. It may also associate her with the Sun, which descends to darkness every night and then returns.

Auseklis was usually a female, but occasionally male as well.

In the 19th century, the poet Mikus Krogzemis took Auseklis as his pseudonym.

An eight-pointed star was Auseklis' symbol and was used for protection in magical rituals. It had to be drawn without lifting the hand. Her more mystical symbol was the Star of Auseklis (Ausekla Zvaigzne) which consisted of two cross-hatch stars superimposed at a 45-degree angle.

Alternative: Lielais Auseklis, Ausekls, Auseklitis, Auseklins, Auseklenc, Auseklens, Ousekls, Ausjeklenis, Zelta Zvaigzne ("golden star"), Ritaja ("the one of morning"), Babina