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August III of Poland

August III Wettin (1696-1763), king of Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth (1734-1763), and also elector of Saxony (1733-1763, as Frederick August II)

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Personal data:

7 October 1696 in Dresden, Saxony
Parents: August II the Strong, king of Poland
Elected king: 1734
Crowned: 17 January 1734
Died: 5 October 1763, Hubertsburg

Royal titles:

Official Latin version: Augustus III, Dei Gratia rex Poloniae, magnus dux Lithuaniae, Russie, Prussiae, Masoviae, Samogitiae, Kijoviae, Volhyniae, Podoliae, Podlachiae, Livoniae, Smolensciae, Severiae, Czerniechoviae, nec non haereditarius dux Saxoniae princeps et elector etc.

English translation: August III, by God's grace King of Poland, Grand Duke of Lithuania, Ruthenia (Ukraine & Belarus), Prussia, Masovia, Samogitia, Kiev, Volhynia, Podolia, Podlachia, Livonia, Smolensk, Sewierz, Czernichow, an also hereditary duke of Saxony, prince and elector etc.


He was born in Dresden in 1696 as son August II the Strong, elector of Saxony and king of Poland. He was being prepared by his family for the royal function. In 1721 he converted to Catholicism.

After his father death he inherited Saxony and was elected king of Poland with support of Russian and Austrian troops.

On August 20, 1719 he married Marie Josepha, daughter of Joseph I, Holy Roman Emperor: they had seven children. Their eldest son, Frederick Christian, succeeded his father as Elector of Saxony.

Preceded by:
August II of Poland
List of Polish rulers Succeeded by:
Stanislaus II Augustus