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Audioslave is an alternative music supergroup consisting of Chris Cornell (formerly of Soundgarden) and the instrumentalists of Rage Against the Machine.

Their first studio album, Audioslave, drew mixed reactions from critics but swiftly attained platinum-selling status. Some lambasted the group as millionaire musicians who constantly argued during album production, and whose 1970s rock sound is primarily the result of post-studio modification. Others compared them to Led Zeppelin, saying they add much-needed sound and style to contemporary mainstream music. They toured extensively worldwide in 2003, silencing many critics and gaining largely positive reviews for their spectacular live performances.

Allegations that they argued during production are not entirely unfounded; the group broke up in April 2002, before they had even released an album, but reunited in the summer and went on to release their debut album on November 19. However, subsequent interviews with the band revealed that early problems had been partly due to external pressures which were resolved when the band members sacked their previous management companies and hired Los Angeles company The Firm.

A new album is expected in 2004.

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