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In the universe of Star Trek, a popular science-fiction television series of TV shows, the term assimilate often refers to the way that a fictional race, the Borg, assimilate aliens into their collective.

Assimilation is a process that the Borg race used to reintegrate a being into the collective structure. The process is introduced by injecting nano-probes into one's neck using the drone's assimilation-tube. When the nano-probes are injected into one's body, they start to transform the body in a cell-by-cell basis. The process can be treated as a initialization procedure of a drone.

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1 Assimilation Procedures

Assimilation Procedures

Assimilation is, in fact, a very complicated procedure, as all recrutment procedures. After the nano-probes install the communication and interoperation infrastructure to the drone, it must be through at least 3 steps.

Step 1: Neural Pathway Rebuilding

The process is to analyze the memory and the consciouness patterns in the drone. The Borg is capable of assimilating at least 38 types of intelligent patterns into their collective consciouness. Each of them requires a specialized adapter to be implanted into the cerebral cortex, ofen referred to Cortical Implant. Even for the same race, the cortical implant needs to be adjusted in order to avoid pattern confliction.

Step 2: Cybernetic Implants

Mechanical implants will be installed to the drone in order to enhance biological deficiencies. Ordinary components include trigonanmica visioning system, titanium skeleton, force field generator, subspace transponder, neural link connector, hanseminagint hearing system, and artificial internal organisms.

Step 3: Specialized Implants

After analyzed the intelligent patterns, the collective will determine the proper function for a drone. With different duties to carried out, the drone must be equipped with different specialized implants.