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Snorlax (#143) - Articuno - Zapdos (#145)

Name (japanese), NumberArticuno(Freezer), 144
Evolves from(none)
Evolves to(none)
Hit points90
Special attack²95
Special defense²125
SpeciesFreeze Pokémon
TypesIce, Flying
Height5'7" (1.70 m)
Weight122.0 lb (54.90 kg)
Gender distribution(unique)
¹ Stats for trading card versions may vary.
² Pokémon Gold/Silver/Crystal

Articuno is an ice blue bird Pokémon with a long tail. Articuno is Pokémon #144 and is both Ice type and Flying type. It is so extremely rare that some people thought it was only a myth. It is one of the three legendary bird Pokémon, with the other two being Zapdos and Moltres. This is the ice one of these birds. Articuno is said to appear to doomed people who are lost in icy mountains. In the Red/Blue/Yellow games, Articuno is found inside the maze of caves on the Seafoam islands. Articuno isn't in any of the other Pokémon RPG's but you can get it by trading from Red/Blue/Yellow.

In Japanese, Articuno is called Freezer (phonetic: Fu-li-za).