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Arthur Dee

Arthur Dee (1571-1651) was the eldest son of John Dee. Arthur accompanied his father in his peregrinations across Bohemia. He became a physician to Mikhail I, the founder of the Romanov Dynasty and resided in Moscow for fourteen years where he wrote his Fasiculus Chemicus a collection of writings upon alchemy.Fasiculus Chemicus was translated by Elias Ashmole under the pseudonym of James Hasholle an anagrammatic arrangement of Elias Ashmole.

Returning to England upon the death of his wife in 1637, Dee became physician to King Charles I. Upon his retirement Arthur Dee resided in Norwich where he became a friend of Sir Thomas Browne. Arthur Dee died in October 1651. Dee's relationship to Sir Thomas Browne has been litttle explored, but upon his death it was to Browne that the bulk of Arthur Dee's alchemical manuscripts and books were bequeathed to.

The most informative biographical details of Arthur Dee remains that of Charlotte Fell-Smith of 1909 .