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Aromanian language

Aromanian (also known as Macedoromanian; in Aromanian: Armāneşte or Vlăheşte) is a language in the eastern group of the Romance languages. It is considered to be either a Romanian dialect or a separate language.

The language is similar to the Romanian language, but with some small differences. Macedoromanian is spoken by the Aromanian or Vlach minority in Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, but also in parts of Albania, Serbia, Bulgaria and Greece.

Greek and Bulgarian influence are much stronger than in other East Romance languages. Still the lexical composition remains mainly Romance. Just like in Romanian, the morphology disagrees more with other descendants of Latin. The article is put to the end of the word; both definite and indefinite articles can be declined. The noun has not only masculine and feminine, but also common (or neuter) gender. On the other hand, the sequence of tensess is absolutely absent.