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Army of the Potomac

The Army of the Potomac was the major Union Army in the Eastern Theatre of the American Civil War.

Table of contents
1 History
2 Commanders
3 Major Battles and Campaigns


This Army was created in 1861, but was only the size of a corps (relatively speaking). It began as the Army of Northeastern Virginia, then reverted back to the recognized name, the Army of the Potomac. Many people believe that Pope's Army of Virginia was another name for this army; however, during the time that that army existed, the Army of the Potomac was still active, albeit very reduced, on the Peninsula, and General McClellan still had command of it. It had many commanders and many structural changes. It was eventually disbanded in 1865, after the war was over.


Major Battles and Campaigns


The Army of the Potomac was also the name given to General P.G.T. Beauregard's army during the early stages of the war (namely, the Battle of 1st Bull Run. However, the name was eventually changed to the Army of Northern Virginia, which became famous under General Robert E. Lee.