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(This article is about the county in Ireland. There is also Armagh, Pennsylvania in the United States.)

Armagh (Ard Mhacha in Irish) is a county on the island of Ireland. County Armagh is known by some as the Orchard of Ireland because the land is so fertile.

Armagh is one of the six counties that form the political entity of Northern Ireland.

The capital city of County Armagh is also called Armagh. In Irish it is known as Ard Mhacha, or Macha's Height. It was founded in 444 by St. Patrick.

Armagh has been the spiritual capital of Ireland for 1500 years, and it is the seat of both Protestant and Roman Catholic Archbishops.

Brian Boru is buried in the cemetery of the Protestant Cathedral in Armagh. He is credited with driving the Norsemen out of Ireland in 1014.

Armagh has a campus of Queen's University, Belfast.

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