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Arlette Laguiller

Arlette Laguiller (born March 18, 1940) is the spokeswoman and by far the best known leader of the Lutte Ouvrière French trotskyite political party.

After being a candidate in 1974, 1981, 1988, 1995 and the 2002 French presidential election with unswerving allegiance to the cause of the Communist revolution, and most times the only female candidate, she enjoys some popularity in the French electorate probably far greater than that of her political ideas or her party.

Les guignols de l'info caricature her as always saying Travailleurs! Travailleuses! On vous ment! On vous spolie! ("Male workers! Female workers! You are lied to! You are spoliated!"). Laguiller starts most of her speeches with Travailleurs! Travailleuses!!.\n