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Archbishop of Riga

Archbishopric of Riga, (1202) 1255-1561
The Archbishops of Riga were also the secular rulers of Riga, at that time in Livonia, today in Latvia.
The Archbishops of Riga and their coinage. 

Albert, 1199-1229

Coinage not reported between 1229-1418.

Johannes VI Ambundi, 1418-1424

Henning Scharpenberg, 1424-1448

Silvester Stodewescher, 1448-1479

Sede Vacante (empty seat), 1479-1484

Michael Hildebrand, 1484-1509

Jasper Linde, 1509-1524 (There was not any coinage)

Johannes VII Blankenfeld, 1524-1527 (There was not any coinage)

Thomas Schoning, 1528-1539

Wilhelm of Brandenburg, 1539-1563

List compiled by Girts Eisters, Baltic Coins