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Archbishop of Mainz

The Archbishopric of Mainz was a substantial ecclesiastical principality of the Holy Roman Emperor. It included lands near Mainz on the both the Left and Right Banks of the Rhine, as well as territory along the Main above Frankfurt (including the district of Aschaffenburg), and territory around Erfurt in Thuringia. The Archbishop was also, traditionally, one of the Imperial Electors and the Archchancellor of Germany. In the secularizations that accompanied the Reichsdeputationshauptschluss of 1803, the seat of the Archbishop-Elector, Karl Theodor von Dalberg, was moved to Regensburg, and the Archbishopric lost its Left Bank territories to France, its right bank areas along the Main below Frankfurt to Hesse-Darmstadt and the Nassau princes, and Erfurt to Prussia. The Archbishop retained the Aschaffenberg area however, and when the Holy Roman Empire finally came to an end in 1806, this became the core of Dalberg's new Grand Duchy of Frankfurt.

Since 1803, Mainz has not been the seat of an Archbishopric

Archbishops of Mainz, 745-1803