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Archbishop of Dublin

The Archbishop of Dublin is the second-most senior Irish churchman after the Archbishop of Armagh. The title is used by both the Roman Catholic church and the Church of Ireland. Though Ireland was partitioned in 1920, its major religions are organised on an all-Ireland basis. Thus the Archbishop of Armagh is known as the Primate of All Ireland. Within the Republic of Ireland the Archbishop of Dublin is the senior prelate and is called the Primate of Ireland. Since the middle ages, the official cathedral of the Archbishop of Dublin has been Christ Church Cathedral. Because that building is owned by the Church of Ireland, the Catholic Archbishop maintains his seat at Saint Mary's Pro-Cathedral.

The current Catholic Archbishop of Dublin is Cardinal Desmond Connell.
As of 3 May 2003 Archbishop Diarmuid Martin was appointed Coadjutor Catholic Archbishop of Dublin. The current Church of Ireland Archbishop of Dublin is John Neill.