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Arcadia 2001

The Arcadia 2001 was a second-generation 8-bit console released by Emerson Radio Corp. It was released rather late for its type of console and only lasted 2 years; the video game crash of '83/84 brought it down along with every other console at the time. The game library was around 35 games, and the graphics were similar to those of the Intellivision and the Odyssey2.

The Arcadia was not named after the company of the same name, as some people think. Arcadia (makers of the 2600 supercharger) was sued by Emerson for copyright infringement regarding the name. To play it safe, their name was changed to Starpath.


Main Processor: Signetics 2650 CPU running at 3.58 MHz RAM: 1k ROM: None Video Display: 9 Colors (4 characters, 4 sprites, background) Sound: Single Channel "Beeper" Hardware Sprites: 4 independent, single color Controllers: 2 x 2 way Keypads: 2 x 12 button