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Arbetarmakt (Workers Power) [1] is the Swedish section of the League for the Fifth International, a small Trotskyist organisation.

It was founded in 1994, as a split from Socialistiska Partiet (the Swedish section of USFI). In 1998 it fused with another Trotskyist organisation, the Marxist Left (a split in 1996 from the CWI).

Arbetarmakt has been much involved in the anti-globalisation movement, but also in anti-racist struggles. It has an affiliated youth organisation, called Revolution [1], and a bookstore in Stockholm called Radikal [1].

Arbetarmakt thinks that it is not possible with a peaceful revolution (as many other organisations advocate claiming to be Trotskyist), as the bourgoisie will use violence against a workers revolution to defend its class privileges. The working class needs to arm itself, smash the bourgeois state (including the police), form its own state based on workers councils and workers militias, and spread its revolution worldwide. As part of the League for the Fifth International it want to form a new international party for world revolution.