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Applesoft BASIC programming language

The first BASIC dialect on the Apple II computer was Integer BASIC, coded and hand-assembled by Steve Wozniak, one of the founders of Apple Computer. It could only handle numbers between -32767 and 32767 and had some limitations with respect to string arrays, but it was fast.

Enter Bill Gates and Microsoft. Apple was looking for a new version of BASIC for the Apple II Plus computer with 48 KB of RAM. After their success with Altair BASIC, Microsoft was the BASIC vendor of choice at the time; Apple licensed a 10 KB assembly language version of BASIC called "Applesoft." It was similar to BASIC implementations on other 6502-based computers: it used line numbers, spaces were not necessary in lines, plus it had some killer features that Integer BASIC lacked:

Why weren't many action games written in Applesoft BASIC?

Here's Hello World in Applesoft BASIC:


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