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Appenzell (town)

Appenzell is the capital of the canton of Appenzell Innerrhoden in Switzerland. It has a population of 5200 (2000, estimate). The area of Appenzell is 1688 hectares.

Coat of Arms

The coat of arms shows an upright black bear with red claws on a silver background. The bear holds a red ring between its forepaws. This ring is the hamlet ring, representing the market town of Appenzell.


The municipality of Appenzell consists of the town Appenzell, as well as Rinkenbach, Kau and Meistersrüte.


In 1071 the town was referred to was Abbacella. By 1223 this changed to Abbatiscella, meaning the Abbot's cell. This refers to the landlord of the abbey.


The municipality was formally established in 1872 by joining Lehn and Rinkenbach.

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