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There have been several places called Apollonia:

  1. A local hub for travelers and tradesmen, and a center of learning, in Illyria near to the sea and the river Vjosa, 12 km from Fier, Albania. The emperor Augustus had studied there as a youth.
  2. In Macedonia alongst the Via Egnatia a town midway on route from Thessalonica and Amphipolis.
  3. A town in Thrace on the shore of the Black Sea.
  4. A fort or castle near to Naupactus.
  5. A sea port town in Northern Sicily.
  6. A town astride the river Rhyndacus in Bithynia next to the lake Apolloniatis.
  7. The birthplace of Eratosthenes in Cyrenaica within the harbour of Cyrene. One of the five towns forming the Libyan Pentapolis.

Saint Apollonia, virgin and martyr of Alexandria, is the patron saint of dentists. Apollonia was also the stage name of Apollonia Kotero.