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Apollo 15

Apollo 15
Mission Insignia
Mission Statistics
Mission Name:Apollo 15
Call Sign:Command module: Endeavour
Lunar module: Falcon
Number of Crew Members:3
Launch:July 26, 1971
13:34:00 UTC
Kennedy Space Center LC 39A
Lunar Landing:July 30, 1971
22:16:29 UTC
26.1 N 3.6 E
Hyginus Rille
Lunar EVA length:19.1 hours
Time on Lunar Surface:2 days 18.9 hours
Landing: August 7, 1971
Duration:12 days, 7 hours 12 minutes

Apollo 15 was the ninth manned mission in the Apollo program and the fourth mission to land on the Moon.

The crew members: David Scott, commander; Alfred Worden, command module pilot; and James Irwin, lunar module pilot. It was a J-class mission, featuring the Lunar Rover. It brought back 76.8 kg of lunar samples. It included four lunar EVA: 0.5 hours, 6.6 hours, 7.2 hours, and 4.8 hours.

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Mission Parameters (Apollo 16, needs to be changed to 15)

The command module is displayed at the United States Air Force Museum,
Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, Dayton, Ohio and the lunar module impacted the Moon on 3 August, 1971 at 26.36 N, 0.25 E.

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