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Apollo 10

Apollo 10: NASA
Apollo 10 was the fourth manned mission in the Apollo program, and the first mission to launch from pad 39B. Second crew to orbit the moon. Test of the lunar module in lunar orbit. The module came to within 50,000 feet of the lunar surface during practice maneuvers.

On May 22, 1969 Apollo 10's lunar module flew within 15,400 m of the moon's surface.

Launched: May 18, 1969 from Pad 39B
Returned: May 26, 1969
Crew members: Tom Stafford, commander; John Young, command module pilot; Gene Cernan, lunar module pilot
Command module: Charlie Brown
Lunar module: Snoopy

The command module is displayed at the London Science Museum, London, England. The lunar module is in heliocentric orbit.

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