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Antiphonitis: church exterior
Antiphonitis is a 12th century domed church in Cyprus. It is reached from the network of tracks in the area of the Herbarium and Esentepe, situated with a view of the sea.

The dome is supported by eight pillars, four built into the walls and four free-standing. It is understood that this is the last church of this style remaining in Cyprus. It has an array of frescoes on the walls and on the pillars, most of them retaining a lot of colour, and the inside of the dome is covered by a painting of Christ enthroned. Some of the paintings are from the 12th century and some, including the Christ in the dome, from the 15th. It is very isolated.

Antiphonitis: church interior - frescoes on walls and pillars;
inset: interior of dome, note lancet windows for scale